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Depending on our current inventory, we buy Graflex!

We’re always on the lookout for Graflex cameras, old repair parts, books, repair manuals, dealer promotional items, flash equipment, etc.  Anything Graflex!  Even if it’s old, ugly, beat up, and neglected, we might still be interested!  We’re able to bring a lot of cameras back to life that most people would assume are beyond repair.  And even if it really is beyond repair, we’re always looking for parts cameras.  Save yourself the trouble and cost of ebay listings, and sell directly to us. 

Examples of gear we’re interested in:

  • 4×5 Speed Graphic and Crown Graphic
  • 2×3 “Baby” Crown Graphic, Speed Graphic, and Century Graphic
  • Flash handles, flash bulbs, reflectors, Graflex electronic flash
  • Graflex 35mm cameras such as Graphic 35, Graphic Jet, Century 35
  • Factory repair manuals, tools, old repair parts
  • Graflex dealer promotional materials
  • Graflex lenses, cams, and lens boards
  • Roll film holders, tripods, cases
  • Empty factory boxes

We’re not just looking for the big 4×5 Speed Graphic and Crown Graphic cameras, we also have an interest in the medium format Century Graphic, Graflex XL, and 35mm cameras like the Graphic 35, Graphic Jet, etc.  Also interested in Cameras imported and sold by Graflex like the Kowa Kallowflex, and Norita 66.  We may also be interested in other classic film cameras such as Leica, Rolleiflex, and even Pentax, Olympus, and Canon.

For more details, just send us a message with what you have, one piece or an entire collection.

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