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We Repair and Restore Pacemaker Series Graflex Cameras

From minor adjustments to complete restoration, we have you covered!

 About seven years ago, I was doing repairs on and selling vintage 35mm camera equipment, and it was during that time that I got the itch to try shooting large format.  After doing a little research, I took the plunge and picked up my first Graflex camera–a mid-1950s Crown Graphic.  I was hooked!  After getting familiar with the camera, I decided to take it apart and give it a good cleaning to remove the 50 something years worth of dust on it.  I found the Graflex to be a very well thought out design, and very service friendly.  These cameras were designed for working professionals, and it really shows.  They were designed to be used day in and day out, and to last for decades…so long as they were properly maintained.  
If you buy a Graflex Graphic camera on the secondary market, it’s very likely from an estate sale, and has probably been sitting for years if not decades.  Sitting isn’t really great for a camera…like most complex machines, they don’t really like to sit.  They like to be used and maintained…like a ’63 Corvette found in a barn, you can hardly expect that estate sale Graflex to perform like it did when new without some work.  Old organic lubricants dry out and gum up, mechanisms get out of adjustment, lenses fog up, leather starts to peel…you get the idea.  
Here at Retrofocus Camera, we can restore your Graflex Pacemaker Speed Graphic, Crown Graphic, or Century Graphic to perfect working order!  Important to note that at the current time, we’re only servicing Pacemaker series Graflex cameras…those made between 1947 and 1973.  The reason is these are the cameras most commonly seen on the market today, and are the ones we’re able to support best though our supply of NOS (New Old Stock) factory repair parts, and parts sourced from our parts cameras.  In the future, we may offer repair support for Anniversary Speed Graphic, Pre-Anniversary, Graflex XL, and Graphic 35 cameras…it really just depends on our ability to collect more repair parts.  We currently have stock of almost every replacement part and major assembly for the Pacemaker series.   Not sure if you have a Pacemaker?  See our model guide under the knowledge tab.   We can do everything from simple adjustments to a complete overhaul and restoration of your camera.